Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Days, Early Christmas, and all I want for Christmas...

I learned something new this week - Kade loves snow just as much as his mommy!
The first day of snow he kept saying - "I want to play in the snow! I want to throw snow at you!!"
And so he did. (Note the concentration and sheer force of his throw. Even his nostrils are flared in effort to nail me with the perfect snowball...)
Soon his friend Amber became his partner in crime.
No one was safe after that. I got hit pretty good a couple times. Luckily their aim wasn't too high- snow on my legs and in my coat pocket I can handle. In my face...not so fun... :)
I told him he can't go skiing or snowboarding until he is 5. However, watching him playing in the snow these past couple of days I might have to reconsider. He loves being in the snow so much! It was like pulling teeth trying to get him to come back inside.

However, he will come in out of the snow if it means he gets to play with one of his favorite friends - Olivia.
And if it means he gets to decorate and eat sugar cookies with her...
And pose all cheesy in front of her Christmas tree...

Besides the fun in the snow we were able to celebrate Christmas early with Logan's side of the family. We all ventured out to the lake up at his parents house for some grub, gifts and games. Why do they call food "grub" by the way? To me, it makes it sound kind of dirty, like grimy or something. I used it purely for the purpose of Aliteration but I think it just made it onto the "words I do not like" list next to bunions. Anyways sorry for the tangent...

Below is a picture of Kade, and his two cousins Monica and Halle. He ADORES these two and asks for them constantly. They are very sweet and patient with him. :)
Here's the whole gang. They did remarkably well considering there were fifty cameras in their faces with each adult saying "Look over here! Smile at me!" (okay not fifty but at least four or five) :-)
Our little guy had almost as much fun playing ON his presents then playing WITH them...
Except for this one... His grandma ran the presents by us beforehand and I thought - how fun! He loves music - he'll love the recorder. And he did. A little too much. Do you know what a recorder sounds like at 7:30 in the morning? I do. Not good. Shame on me...I should have known better.
Next came the gift exchange for the adults. Logan's mom (Carole) opened what turned out to be the favorite of the party: two nerf guns. It was quickly got stolen from her and I think everyone there got hit at least five times each. And that was before the kids got a chance to play with them...
Lastly, what can a party be without a little rock n' roll. Logan's brother Darren was the only one who had never played it before. From the look on his face in the picture below you can tell he's hooked now...

Okay...So now it's time for the last part of my post tonight. Drum role please...
"What I NEED for Christmas":
A pair of stretchy pants (oh and some self control).

Please note the picture below. It only shows one tenth of the damage that has been done in our house these past couple of weeks. Three cookies a day plus a piece of pie each night is probably not a good idea right...?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One Step Closer to A Kick A** Boy Band

Thanksgiving Day my sister Sarah and bro-in-law Eric surprised us with some great news

We can't wait to meet Bad Boy Baby Cooper!