Monday, June 23, 2008

Recitals, Birthdays and Rock Band Oh My!!

Friday, my amazingly talented older sister held her very first ballet recital for her dance school. She blew us all away with her choreography, teaching skills and solo. Especially the splits in the end. Yah - that's what I said - splits! I can't remember the last time I could do the splits... I tried ballet when I was little but my toes would cramp up every time I pointed them. Needless to say I quit. But I am glad she stuck with it because she is a beautiful dancer and great teacher. Lydia (her daughter) was equally amazing and we couldn't be more proud!!

Could she be any cuter? Here she is saying, "Oh Leah - you are so funny. You are my favorite Aunt." Okay, maybe not but she is still cute. Amelia was crawling around like a crazy animal on Saturday. I can't believe how strong she is. She will be walking in no time. Sorry Alisa and Brien. :)
Okay - this is almost too creepy for words. I wish we had a clearer shot of the doll on the left but my bro-in-law looks EXACTLY like this doll from High School Musical. Lydia got it for her birthday and I started laughing so hard that I almost snorted. Not good. Creepy Eric, but I love it.
Happy Birthday Lydia! She is getting so old!! For her birthday party she wanted to invite a few friends and have a sleepover at a hotel. Swimming, pampering - can you tell she's a girl? So cute.
The after party. Doing what we do best. (Okay maybe the rest of the fam...) Isn't my mom hot?! Hope those genes will kick in one of these days.

Well...that was our weekend in a nutshell. :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day with Family

On your mark, get set, go!!! Could my niece be any cuter?
She humors him. What a good cousin
Football!!! One of the most coordinated kids I've ever seen!
Nana and Kade after another trip to see the turkeys

We spent Father's Day at my parents this year. It was such a beautiful day - the kids couldn't wait to get outside and neither could the adults. I am so thankful to have grown up with such a caring father. I know I gave him a run for his money but he tried his best to show his love and support in the ways he knew how. I still look to him for advice, guidance and counsel and love how he is such a great grandpa (papa) to Kade. I love that the first thing Kade wants to do when we go to my parents is to have Papa take him to see the turkeys. :) He survived raising four emotional, irrational red-headed daughters which is an amazing feat in itself. He is a great Dad. This is where I get even more mushier (slightly gagging but I'm sincere) - Logan is an amazing dad!! I LOVE how he makes up games, songs and silly things for Kade. Hearing their stomping footsteps as they chase each other upstairs and Kade's uncontrollable laughter as he's pelted with a pillow fills me with even more love for these two important boys in my life. :) I'm grateful for a husband who takes his role as a Father seriously and wants to be a good example to our Little Kid. Love you Logan. :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ghost of High School Past

Okay, I have this same recurring dream a lot and it just haunts me. I am back at my high school and I have just realized that a. it is finals week, b. I have been skipping so much that I can't find my locker and I've forgotten my combination and c. I cannot remember what my schedule is or where my classes are. I am running through the halls, in a panicked frenzy and I know that if I don't pass my math final (it is always either math or science - evil, evil subjects) I won't be able to graduate. I wake up freaked out and just can't seem to shake it (at least not for a couple hours - usually around the time Curious George is over). Why is high school haunting me? Is it Karma for all those days that I skipped and went to my boyfriends house or got slurpies with my friend Kristen? I have no idea. All I know is that I hate them and they are even worse then those awkward ex-boyfriend dreams (come on ladies - you know what I'm talking about - can I get a holla?!) Why can't I dream that I can fly or something normal like that?

Where's Mommy's Little Piggy?

This week has been busy and full of friends. Tuesday Kade's little friend Isiah celebrated his second birthday at playgroup. I watched all the kids devouring their chocolate cupcakes - frosting up to their elbows while my sweet little Kade played with their toys. Sigh. I never thought I'd wish for my child to eat sugar loaded junk but when you have to roll the waist of their pants to keep them from flashing their diapered buns you hope they will eat just about anything. What can you do. He'll be drinking whole fat milk till he's 30 most likely.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Down With Peer Pressure

So, I finally gave in and started a blog. At first I thought it was a little self-indulgent - do I have something important enough for others to read? But then after hearing friends talk about it - I decided to join the band wagon (I feel so weak and dirty) and start one for our family. So, I am creating this in the mind set that it will be fun to share pictures of Little Kid and if you want to skip my random ramblings - no hard feelings here. :) Part of me knows this is going to be yet another thing to keep me up way too late while I enjoy the peaceful quiet as our little punk rocker sleeps. Oh well - what can you do?